About Us

Our mission is to provide excellent family-friendly customer service. We will provide you with a custom hair style catered to your personal needs while experiencing a traditional barber experience. __Walk-ins only.__

We are a full service friendly neighborhood barbershop specializing in all types of hair, with a combined experience of over 80 years.

Located at 9 Collegeview Avenue in the Arlington section of Poughkeepsie, The Barber Haus NY has taken the area by storm. The staff is joined by veteran barber Pino - one of Hudson Valley’s finest, and Shady from the local Pougkeepsie area.

The team at The Barber Haus NY is committed to cutting great hair and they value their work. The Barber Haus NY is the place to go if you want your appearance to be in the hands of highly-skilled professional barbers.

No appointment needed. Walk-ins only.

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